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Justin Kelly

I am a British Showrunner based in Los Angeles, specialising in making documentaries and factual entertainment TV shows for British and American broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic Wild, Five, History Channel and Discovery USA.

Recent projects include Gold Rush, Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet, Great Bear Stakeout, Homestead Rescue, Operation OrkneyThe Cold Chain With Ewan McGregor, The Lock UpAround The World In 80 Days, Wife Swap, Bear Grylls: Man Vs Wild, TrawlermenScrapheap Challenge, The Hottest Place On Earth, and Dangerous Adventures For Boys.

My portfolio of work spans across the whole range of factual output – from observational documentaries, blue-chip natural history & wildlife, expeditions, reconstructions and docu-soaps, to factual entertainment formats and travelogues.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate that my work has taken me to some of the most extreme and challenging environments – desert, jungle, sea, military conflict and extreme cold.  Three times Hostile Environment trained (valid until January 2019).  Locations I've filmed include the Congo, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Alaska/Yukon, Panama, Kenya, Morocco, Sahara & Danakil Deserts, India, Finland, America, & France, North Sea, Pacific Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, South Korea, Canada, Russia, China & Japan - but I’m just as passionate about filming closer to home on projects that enthuse me.

If you’re a production company or channel that would like to discuss future work, you can always email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I'm also represented by Alan Moore & John Seitzer at APA in Los Angeles.  

You can also download my CV here.  

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