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"Justin is an A+ showrunner: smart, visually gifted, organized, creative, a good writer and a pleasure to work with. He's always first on my list for new projects. Talented, confident and a great collaborator, he's a terrific partner. Anyone who works with him is fortunate." - Mary Donahue, SVP Development and Production, The History Channel.

"Justin literally moved mountains for us on a great season of Lost Gold of WW2!" - Phil Lott, Co-Founder, AMPLE Entertainment.

"An honest, trusted producer, once he has got the story and is on your programme you know he has your best interests at heart. Some might think he's a bit tough, a bit bullish. I don't see that, I see determined, focussed and passionate. He wants to make the best film for the team and for you. If it's an important, journalistic film, Justin is all over it as well as thinking about it creatively. He has very high standards and as a Commissioner it's great having someone who can be trusted to deliver an award-winning film. 

He is great in a crisis, clear-sighted, focussed and diligent in hostile environments.  He will make the calls before you even think about them, he won't take unnecessary risks and he will do all the paperwork!  His team's safety is paramount to him. He can creatively think about the programme and offers great ways of shooting to make things look good and dramatic. I'd have him on one of my shows at a drop of a hat."  - Fatima Salaria, Commissioner, BBC Factual.

“Justin has produced for us on Gold Rush, (Discovery USA) in Alaska and Canada for five seasons now. He is an exceptionally good producer, director and cameraman. The contributors respect him and he is organised, confident and imaginative in the edit. More than most he really ‘gets’ story, what it is, how it works, how to get it and what to do with it. Besides this, he’s a strong team member who naturally tends towards leadership.” – Sam Maynard. Executive Vice President, US Factual Programming, Raw TV.

“Dedicated, experienced, and a skilled Location Series Producer... as well as being an accomplished shooter and stills photographer. Justin will go that extra mile to make a great programme.” - Mike Griffiths, Executive Producer, Homestead Rescue, Raw TV.

“Justin is like a terrier, never gives up until he has the story in the can. He is a strong self-shooter with real visual strength and a journalistic drive. He is outstanding with contributors. He’s one of the hardest working PDs I have known and never settles for second best.” – Jane Lomas. Executive Producer, Bear Grylls' Man Vs Wild, Diverse Television.

“Justin came on board Great Bear Stakeout pretty last minute. He joined us for a few weeks before a summer of filming grizzly bears in Alaska. His mission was to become embedded with a large team of multiple bear experts, natural history long lens camera specialists as well as remote camera operators and to capture natural obs doc of the team as they tried to follow distinct bear characters. Justin was extremely efficient at getting all the appropriate gear together and also helped with the final logistics. He quickly slotted into the team and from day 1 began working at an extraordinary pace.

Justin was extremely self motivated during the months of shooting, and relentlessly striving to cover the stories as they unfolded. He seemed to have limitless energy and enthusiasm and was genuinely totally engaged in the mission and the characters. He worked well with the contributors and really pushed to get natural performances. He uses a keen sense of humour to not only keep everyone’s spirits lifted but also to get a relaxed performance out of the contributors.

He was a great member of the team and made a great contribution to the film. The one area I felt he could work on is knowing when to stop and give contributors a break as not everyone can sustain his incredible pace of work! Many thanks, Justin and best of luck for the future, Vanessa.” – Vanessa Berlowitz. Executive Producer, BBC Natural History Unit.

“Justin is the full package – talented shooter, great eye, smart with story and really tenacious – I’d hire him anytime.” – James Bates. Executive Producer, Gold Rush, Raw TV.

“I had the pleasure of working with Justin for six months last year. He’s thorough, organised, professional, diligent and he truly cares about his work. His shooting is second to none and I’d have no hesitation in recommending him for work as a senior director in the field or in the cutting room. I hope to work with him again in the future.” – Tom Fulford. Show Runner, Gold Rush.

“Justin worked for me as a self shooting PD on BBC One’s Trawlermen. He was nails and an excellent storyteller.” – Charlie Clay. Series Producer, Trawlermen.

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